Neuropsychological Assessment/Psychoeducational Assessment

As a neuropsychologist, Dr. Paull utilizes a comprehensive assessment approach to look across a child’s skills.  Areas assessed might include cognitive/problem-solving skill, attention/organization, memory and learning, visual-spatial ability, speech-language functioning, fine-motor skills, academic development, adaptive daily living skills, and behavioral/emotional functioning.  Children, adolescents, and college students who are having learning challenges and may need educational accommodations are typical referrals.  Independent Educational Evaluations, testing for school admissions, and assessment of eligibility for gifted programming are also available. Neuropsychological evaluation is provided for individuals who have no known cause for their learning difficulties and also for those who have medical conditions that are known to have possible associated effects on development (e.g., seizure disorder, extremely premature birth, spina bifida).  

Evaluation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Throughout her education, including her postdoctoral fellowship, Dr. Paull received specialized training in working with D/deaf and hard of hearing children.  She grew up in a school district where there was a mainstreaming program, and she began learning at a young age about many of the issues deaf and hard of hearing youngsters face.  For the past three years, she has been a volunteer member of the Advisory Committee of the Ohio Outreach Center for Deafness and Blindness. She will work with you and your family using your communication modality preference(s) and fully accepts people’s individual choices.  If your child uses sign language, she will communicate directly with your child.  Please indicate that your child is deaf or hard of hearing and his/her preferred communication style when arranging an appointment.